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Steinberg HALion 7

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Steinberg HALion 7

HALion 7 is a groundbreaking, premium-quality software instrument, developed to help you create world-class music and sound design. Dive into the iconic sound of FM synthesis, harness the power of spectral synthesis, embrace a new approach to modulation, create and customize unique envelopes, be inspired by new effects which enhance creativity for bass players and much more.

· More than 35 GB content, 3,700 presets and 15 instruments included

· FM, spectral, wavetable, virtual analog and granular synthesis

· High-performance sample engine for large libraries

· More than 70 effects, plus countless modulation and MIDI options

· features Steinberg Licensing, the new Steinberg license management system. No USB eLicenser required

New features in HALion 7

FM Zone – developed with Yamaha: Freely combine up to eight operators, use them as carriers or send them to feedback loops. Including an Algorithm Finder, an Algorithm Designer and SYX file import.

Spectral Zone: the new spectral oscillator features a new in-house developed time-stretch and resynthesis algorithm. It allows to change playback speed in real time without affecting the pitch, but it can also transform samples into completely new sounds.

FM Lab: A full-blown eight operator FM synthesizer with hundreds of cutting-edge presets

Tales: A beautifully sampled guitar. Guitar strings were individually sampled as open notes and then tuned to a different pitch, giving each one a very pure and intimate sound additionally layered with acoustic and synthesized textures

Modulation reimagined: Shape, tweak and animate your sounds more easily than ever with HALion’s new modulation concept.

New Shaper Envelope: The User Envelope now has brush, pen and eraser tools for intuitively drawing and customizing envelopes.

• An updated interface, a redesigned MediaBay and tons of workflow improvements

• Advanced wavetable synthesis for multichannel files with up to 5.1 surround and spectral filters


Audio software

Compatibel met:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
Plugin formaten:
  • AAX Native 64 bits
  • VST2 en VST3 64-bit
Effect type:
  • Bundel met diverse effecten
Instrument type:
  • Sample-based Synth
  • Synth (virtual analog)
  • Synth (digital)
  • Synth Module (multi timbral)
  • Bundel met diverse instrumenten